2017 Challenge Quilt Info

Theme:  Diamonds are Forever

  • Using the three initials of your name, choose three colors that begin with the same letters to create your quilt. If you don’t have a middle initial use N for none or you may use your maiden name as your middle name.

For example: mine are EJH or BJH  so I can pick either the B or the E to go with the J and H.  You can use the basic names of colors or check the internet to find some wild names.  Hooker’s Green would count as an H even though it is a shade of green.  Whatever you choose, it must a real name of a color.  You may use shades of the colors you choose.

  • Color names must be from a published list, not made up.  Can be from any published list, crayola, paint store, etc. You can do a web search for colors beginning with a letter.
  • If you wish you can use two additional colors as accents.
  • It must be 20 inches on each side.
  • Must include at least one diamond shape somewhere on the front of the quilt.
  • List the names of the colors along with the name that you used on the challenge entry form.
  • Hanging sleeve as required by the guild.
  • Quilts are due at the April meeting.


Contact Betty Hill or Cathy Harnisch with questions.


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