2019 Challenge Quilt Info

Pearl-essence Challenge

Susan Schiff  (603) 889-3492
Sharon Bogin  sbogin22@gmail.com

 To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hannah Dustin Quilt Show, this year’s challenge is to incorporate “pearl” in your quilt. If desired, you may use a pearl-colored fabric, fabric that has pearls in it, paint pearls on or quilt them in. However, your finished quilt must include pearl embellishments.


  • You may make either a wall quilt or a quilted item.
  • Wall quilts should have outer dimensions that total no more than 120 inches. Maximum length for a side is 30 inches.
  • Quilted items must be able to stand on their own, or include a stand with their submission.
  • Method of construction and quilting is up to you.
  • Quilts must include a 5 inch hanging sleeve and label (covered).
  • You must fill out a show application form and submit it to the show committee.
  • Quilts are due at the April 2019 meeting, and must be delivered in a bag with handles (no plastic grocery bags, please).

Judging categories may include:

  • Judge’s choice
  • Committee choice
  • Best representation of theme
  • Most humorous
  • Viewer’s choice
  • Best use of pearls
  • Best representation of Hannah Dustin’s 30th Show Anniversary

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