Quilt Show Entry Form – now in the Member’s Area

This is just a little note to let you know that the Quilt Show Entry form is in the Member’s area! I have put it there in 2 formats: a PDF docutment or a Word document. They are both the same document – just different (software) format.

PDF:  You can fill in the blanks in the pdf document by typing into it and then printing out. You can not save the changes to this document.

Word: You may also fill in the blanks in this document and then save it to your computer, so that you can email it to the person indicated on the form.

So – save a tree!   -Kris


Quilting Board’s New Gallery

Did you know that the Quilting Board website has been completely made over? I just received an email from one of our members alerting me to it. What is really interesting is the Gallery –  loads of variations of traditional quilts in a very easy to view format. Grab a cup of tea and check it out! (Warning – you may spend a lot of time here!)

I have added the Quilting Board Gallery to our Links section of HDQG’s site. Enjoy!


Our Library

Do you like to peruse quilt books? Who doesn’t? We have a wonderful library at the Hannah Dustin Quilt Guild (496 titles right now!) and you can browse through it whenever you want to from this site!

  1. Just go to Our Members Only and click on Library. If you have to log in, reference the newsletter for the password or email me for the info. 
  2. You can scroll through the library to browse the “shelves”.  At this point, you will have to use your browser
  3. You will still have to take books out at the meeting as usual, but you can at least see what is available.
  4. Have fun looking!